First Solo Show in Mumbai 2017

Devidas Agase is a young conceptual artist comes from a village Kuntephal, Beed, District, Marathvada region of Maharashtra State, India. Beed is a historical place of possibly medieval origin. The city has its architectural remains and artist grown up with this artistic surrounding.

Devidas born in 1986, he has done his BFA in 2011 and MFA in 2013 from Sir J.J.School of art, Mumbai.

In his recent works he deals with the struggle between the speculative and the moral complexities of his own life. The title of his show helps us to connect to the visuals of his paintings. The human head comes frequently but it has no particular identity, visualized as in search of identity. Non representative, distorted forms, colorful flowers, depiction of brain, thick lines and checks treated with hinges, noble and limited pallet of colors, these are the major salient feature of his painting. Basically he plays with very limited magnitude of colors and forms; still it makes successive dialogue within it.

His paintings are the testimony of his acrobatics of his life. One of his painting titled ‘’Need says to dance with me”, or series of “Stage”, he draw the human figure as like the puppet and it controlled by unknown or to elaborate this, we can say it controlled by the circumstances. Eyes of his painting peeks him from outside to help surmount the maze.

Devidas believes in the process of expression. In fact the shades of experiences is the only backbone of every expression .To live, it requires playing the varied roles at the same time. Consequently, the strain or the relation of society and struggle to obtain even basic fundamentals; to respond this all polymorphism, he speaks out through his own visualitics.

The treatment of colors and forms are very simple but strait and up to the concept. Devidas , in his visuals emotional engaged but intellectually channelizing this knot. I wish him a bright future for his personal and professional life.


Prabhakar Kamble