Group show in Mumbai 2015

These works are based on my childhood experiences.In The Reminiscences, I have created a collage, a 40 panel work, inspired by nostalgia of my own childhood as well as the culture I grew up in. Each painting in this collage encompasses a gradual change of emotions and memories from childhood to manhood. My various experiences as the son of a farmer - all that I saw and realised - are depicted in this collage as forms.  Some of the forms are of simple toys I played with, some are tools I saw and used and some forms relate to my life as an artist.  The forms in my paintings are childlike, something that almost every child would draw.  I have balanced those forms with realistic work creating a visual composition that is balanced.The close bonds of childhood friendships make it comfortable to reveal anything in entirety. These are one of the joys of childhood. I have depicted the total innocence of children and their complete lack of inhibition.The memories a child holds on to are the building blocks and the very foundation of his nature as an adult. I braced myself to be strong-minded enough to lay bare in the public domain, various parts of my childhood, including the pain experienced due to child labour.The harsh reality of child labour still exists in spite of legislations prohibiting it.  Circumstances affect not only our lives but our art as well.  I, myself, a victim of child labour, therefore have addressed this malady through my work.Having experienced it myself, I feel strongly about this exploitation of children.  My understanding of children deprived of their childhood, led to works depicting the different areas of child labour – as A balloon seller, A candy man, A flute seller, A ‘chai’ boy, Stitched by a string, The hybrid and A happening that ought not to happen.

Devidas Agase