Artist’s Statement

I come from the district Beed situated in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra, India. Beed is a historical place of medieval origin. Coming from a family of sugarcane farmers and farm hands, I have been a close witness to farmers’ struggles and that of the working class on the farm and off it. I have realized that the needs of food, shelter, clothes, however basic, are an uphill journey for a farmer. The farmers play different roles by taking up menial jobs to merely survive in society.

My works explore these realities of the world and are strongly influenced by my own childhood memories and experiences. Coming from Indian background, the significant role of history, mythology, gods and goddess, turn up in my works. The three-faced deities in stories, like Trimurti, Datta-Digambar, Vishnu-Dashavtaras, and Krishna–Vishwaroopa have been of interest to me as a child and till date they inspire my work. These childhood narratives from various sources trigger my thought processes about the multi-faceted existences within the contemporary context.  I try to recreate this idea of polymorphic reality as is seen in mythology, as a reflection in today’s human being. My works borrow the concept from the scientific term Polymorphism, meaning a person at a time can have multiple layers of characteristics invisible to the society.  These layered human beings are adapting to their surroundings, and the situations of surviving trials and tribulations of life. I consider the essence of the experience always helps to shape the core of the artwork.

In my work I explore the correlation between society and human nature / human being as well as the ideologies that govern the social norms like the morality, materialism and politics of the human mind.  I believe that there are silent individuals within an individual who battles for survival at a basic level, irrespective and because of, social, political, religious, and personal conditionings. As an artist I attempt to become the narrative voice of the silenced through my works.

I love to experiment with new mediums, and learn from most of the people who have interacted with my work during my shows, I believe it only enhances my work giving it a new perspective and a fresher voice.



Devidas Agase