A Solo Exhibition by Devidas Agase 

 Choral Monologues 

  Curated by Sushma sabnis at Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai 2019

In nature, adaptations of any kind are devised by either a predator or a prey for survival. In the case of human beings however, the predator and prey are interchangeable positions reflecting power. 

Devidas Agase believes that human beings have become like colourful multi-limbed puppets, who he anoints as protagonists in all his works. Each puppet figure is singing its song reflecting its situations. When numerous such monologues are sung simultaneously, they sound like a chorus. A Choral Monologue takes birth and this is what the artist brings to the show. Each monologue is different from the other yet, in a chorus, they all sound like one song. A song of dissent.

While human beings today are battling numerous socio-political, cultural or religious issues, they are also battling personal issues. In this show, Devidas focuses on a small cross section of humanity, the Farmers, and joins in their choral monologues using the language of mythology. “

Sushma Sabnis   


September 2019