Title- Tandava

Medium- Mixed media plywood, nails, thread, electrical materials, light

Size-30x24x15 inches

Year-2018 ( Displayed at ICCR New Delhi)


To live, it requires playing the varied roles at the same time consequently, the stain or the relation of society and struggles to obtain even basic fundamentals, to respond to this all polymorphic, I speak out through my own visualization. I look at the internal battles a human being faces as his like a puppet on a stand with many hands. I do not merely arise from patriarchy, but also power struggles with religious and political undertones. ‘‘This according to me is the existential struggle of today’s humankind’’.


Title- मोर्चा

Devidas creates a sculptural installation work which is like the carotid to the cause of farmers’ issues. A long 2ft x 8ft x 1.5ft row of 36 marching figures, placed as a metaphor of the Farmer’s March. (Displayed at the solo exhibition by Devidas Agase Jehangir art gallery Mumbai)


This work is a silent protest, and a tribute to the farmers’ issues in the country and a depiction of the artist’s solidarity with their cause. There is huge power in silent protests and one is reminded of large crowds gathering in human rights protests through time from the world over. There is a kind of innate solidarity one would feel with this work and how it transcends boundaries of geography, causes and even time, to stand together in protest of injustices meted out by the state... (Excerpt from Catalogue essay for Choral Monologues- Solo show of works by artist Devidas H Agase, curated by sushma sabnis 24 to 30th September2019) Title of work: Morcha Medium: Paper pulp, cement.